Campina Grande receives forum of the Brazil Movement 200

 Founded in 2018, the movement defends less state intervention in the economy and promotes mobilization of society so that the political class knows and commits to its demands. Its name refers to the 200 years of the independence of Brazil that will be completed precisely at the end of the mandate of our next president.

The event will feature the presences of its founder Flávio Rocha, who is the CEO of the Riachuelo and Midway Financeira stores, companies that are part of the Guararapes group together with the Guararapes Confecções, the Casa Verde carrier and the Midway Mall Mall, one of 15 largest employers in the country with more than 40000 employees.

Also present is the President of the movement, Geraldo Rufino, founder of JR Diesel, pioneer and largest truck company in Brazil and known for its meteoric rise, narrated in the bestseller "The Picker of Dreams".

The initiative that defends, above all, less state intervention in the economy and encouragement to entrepreneurship, has been receiving support from other personalities of the business world such as Roberto Justus (Newcomm), Alberto Saraiva (Habib's), Antônio Pipponzi (Raia Drogasil), Sonia Hess (Dudalina), Ronaldo Pereira Junior (Opticians Carol), Edgard Corona (smartfit), Luciano Hang (Havan), and João Apolinário (polishop). Some of these names will also be present.

"The name of the movement was chosen because the year of the anniversary of 200 years of the independence of Brazil coincides with the end of the mandate of the next President-elect and the proposal is that the country reaches 200 years of independence, in fact, independent," says Flavio Rocha , creator and founder of the movement who, when deciding for his candidacy for the presidency of the Republic, moved away from Brazil's 200 leadership to focus on the campaign.

According to Flavio Rocha, the only way to Brazil is the free market: "Now it is time to show that it is possible to follow another path. We went through a nefariated period of almost 15 years when a gang looted Brazil, rigged the institutions, used banks and public works for private enrichment in a proportion never seen. "

Flavio Rocha defends a new independence from Brazil: "It is necessary to remove the state from the backs of society, of the citizen, of the entrepreneurs, who are suffocated and no longer endure their weight. The time has come for the independence of each of us from the governmental clutches. "

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Venue: Teatro Facisa-R. Manoel Cardoso Palhano, 38-122, Campina Grande-PB

Date: 04/05/2018 to 10:00

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