Campina Grande loses more than 150 job vacancies in the month of January

The monthly employment survey, disclosed by the General registry of employees and Unemployed (caged), an organ linked to the Ministry of Labor (MTE), revealed that the city of Campina Grande dismissed more than it contracted over the last month of January. According to the figures released, in the first month of the year at least 155 people were unemployed.

Also according to caged information, 2,103 new hires were registered against 2,258 Demissions. The sector that most fired in this period was trade, responsible for 150 disconnections.

For the President of the House of shopkeepers – CDL of Campina Grande, the situation is a reflection of the lack of security. "If these resources were to be applied to open new stores, this would generate jobs, generate new recipes for the municipality, help the economy. Or, then, in staff training, training, it would be good for the traders. But it is money that is being invested to contain violence and is an important sum, "he lamed.

Another factor pointed out by the shopkeeper is related to the high taxes paid by those who undertake and employ. "We live a very difficult moment of widespread mistrust of political and moral viewpoint. The economic inconsistency of the country results in the elevation of some taxes and this has to reflect on something. Unfortunately, it ends up reflecting on the dismissal of some workers or even the bankruptcy of some companies, "he said.

Unemployment worries

In the period that corresponds to the months of January 2017 to January 2018, the city closed 1,336 job vacancies.  That is, it is more worker on the street, it is more people leaving for informality, leaving the labor market even more crowded and with increasingly scarce chances.

Delinquency increases

The commerce of Campina Grande recorded in the month of February more 962 consumers delinquent. The numbers are from the Credit protection Service (SPC Brazil). With the update of the data, the city now has 26,527 indebtedness that, together, must more than 22 million reais to companies installed in the city.   

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