Artur Pellet returns to the presidency of CDL Campina Grande

During an extraordinary meeting with effective members and directors, the entrepreneur Artur Almeida (Pellet) reassumed on Tuesday night (12) the presidency of the House of shopkeepers – CDL Campina Grande. In this period, the Chair of the entity was under the command of also entrepreneur Carlos Botelho. Artur Pellet, who is CEO of the Rutra brand, stayed away from his activities ahead of the CDL for seven months, the period in which he competed for the position of state congressman, in the 2018 elections, when he obtained more than 8000 votes, but not having been elected. In his inaugural address, Artur Pellet pointed out that over 53 years the CDL has been playing a legitimate role in defending the business sector.  "We represent the CDL that proportionally more partners have in Brazil. This is the result of all the capillarity coming from all our directors, former presidents and collaborators, "he said. Artur congratulated Carlos Botelho for the work he has done in recent months and has ensured that he will continue with the proposed action plan at the beginning of the year. "I am pleased and proud to have you as a friend. For the work he managed to accomplish in favor of the entity. It is always exalting and giving life to what the CDL has proposed to do. We will continue to follow what was being done. Contributing to the promotion of the economic development of our city ". Concluded.

Now vice president, Carlos Botelho promises to remain active

With the return of Artur pellet, the entrepreneur Carlos Botelho now responds by the Vice-presidency of CDL Campina Grande. Always active, Botelho said that he will continue defending the interests of the associates and the economic development of the municipality. "With regard to management itself I felt very comfortable to interact with the directors and with all partners. Every moment we seek to make the CDL's name ever stronger and more credible. I want to thank the trust and say that we will continue together sharing this management. " Highlighted.

CDL Campina Grande defends approval of reforms

The President of the CDL stated that one of his flags of struggle in this return to the CDL will be the approval of pension and tax reforms. Artur will seek hearings with the Senators and federal deputies in Paraíba to ask them to vote for these projects.

CDL Campina Grande reaches 53 years of history

The CDL Campina Grande celebrated on Tuesday (12) 53 years of struggle in defense of the Campinense trade. After the extraordinary assembly that reled the entrepreneur Artur pellet to the position of President, the directors gathered for a coffee break in commemoration of the anniversary of the entity.    

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