Elections have delayed hiring in the labour market


Despite a projection of more vacancies for temporary workers this year, the hires are delayed compared to last year. "There is a better expectation, but still in a waiting bar," says Marcela Kawauti, chief economist of SPC Brazil.

According to her, the companies intend to do most of the admissions from November because only next month will know who will be the upcoming president. And that's an important datum in the Christmas sales projections.

This year, almost two-thirds of the temporary vacancies are for people aged 18 to 34 years, according to research by SPC Brazil and Cndl (National Confederation of Shopkeepers) with 1,168 companies, between the end of August and the first week of September. The average age is 28 years.

"Unemployment is higher among young people and there is an opportunity for them to solve this problem, even for a short period," says Marcela.

The survey also shows that 28% of entrepreneurs intend to effect at least one temporary. It is not high, but the chance of effectivation exists, emphasizes the Economist.

The expectation of an increase in the number of temporary vacancies for the year-end is confirmed by the employment agency Luandre, one of the largest in the sector. According to the agency, the offer of temporary vacancies should grow 30% this year.

Some of these hires have already occurred in the industry between August and this month, pulled by food production. Next is the retail, interested in admitting from November stoquists, sellers and cashier operators to meet the biggest year-end movement.


Marcela, from SPC Brazil, observes that not only the total number of vacancies is a little higher this year, but also the intention of entrepreneurs is more positive. Last year, when the survey was conducted, 82% of respondents said they had not hired and did not intend to hire.

Now this mark has declined to 72%. Also the slice of those who had not contracted temporary, but planned to admit almost doubled in the last year, went from 6% to 14%.

Local market

For 2018, the expectation is to create an average of 250 vacancies of temporary jobs. The number is slightly better than 2017, when about 200 temporary hires were held.

The areas that should be temporarily employed are: clothing (male and female), footwear, electronics and household appliances.

The vacancies that must arise are for cashier, store clerk, Stockist, General Services assistant and seller.

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