CDL Campina Grande has new interim president

The Chamber of shopkeepers – CDL Campina Grande is under the administration of entrepreneur Carlos José Botelho. President Artur Marbles asked for clearance to compete in the elections in October.

Elected in 2017 for the triennium 2018/2020, Artur Pellet conveyed the position of President of the CDL to Carlos Botelho during an extraordinary meeting with effective members of the entity, held last Wednesday (06).

Artur assessed that the CDL presented evolutions during its management. "We have made a renewal in the entity, changed and changed the way we do the administration. We innovate in a bold and vigorous way. We've managed to make a major renovation and expanded our membership framework. From now on I am no longer responding to the presidency of the CDL, I am away but I will continue working on behalf of the entity. " Completed.

The President-in-Office, Carlos Botelho explained that he intends to continue the existing projects. "We are going to continue the ongoing project. I want to devote myself to this period and to continue the work that Artur has developed. "

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