We need to re-produce

The National Confederation of Shopkeepers (Cndl), the largest representative entity of free retail adhesion in Brazil and the institution that manages the Credit protection Service (SPC Brazil), understood as fair the claims of truckers. After attending the main guidelines raised by the category, truckers need to liberate the highways, extinguishing the shutdown.

We estimate that between 21 and 28 May, the sectors of trade and services ceased to invoice approximately R $27 billion due to the interruption of cargo transportation on the highways of the country. With this, CNDL and SPC Brazil assess that GDP growth (gross domestic product) will be lower than initially expected in 2018 and may be revised to something close to 2%, including negative results in the second quarter consolidated.

We need to get back to work. The productive sectors, in general, have been severely affected by the prolongation of the standstill. The trade sector, in particular, which generates 12.7% of GDP and moved R $715 billion per year, is one of the engines of the country. But how do you take away the sustenance of empty shelves without receiving goods, and with consumers unable to travel to establishments for lack of fuel?

The contribution to emerge from this situation must come from all: Federal government, legislative power, states and municipalities, as well as the entire production chain. The review of the ICMS on fuels, the improvement of infrastructure, the cost of taxes and the weight of the public machine need to be rethought. We are ready to cooperate because we understand that it is urgent to create better conditions for those who generate jobs and wealth in the country.


BRASILIA, May 30, 2018


About the Cndl system

It represents about 2,000 linked entities, 450,000 associated companies and more than 1 million sales points. These companies generate 5% of Brazilian GDP, 4.6 million jobs and earn R $340 billion per year.

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