Number of delinquent companies in the country grows 8.40% in April

The number of companies with overdue accounts and registered in the debtors ' registers grew 8.40% in April 2018, before the same month last year. The high was pulled, mainly by the southeast region, with growth in the number of delinquent companies of 15.20% in the annual comparison. In the other regions there was also growth, but in smaller levels: 3.99% in the south; 2.99% in the Midwest; 2.16% in the northeast and north, 2.03%.



The data are from the delinquency indicator of the legal entity established by the Credit Protection Service (SPC Brazil) and by the National Confederation of Shopkeepers (Cndl). In the monthly comparison, that is, between March and April 2018, the indicator grew 0.27%.

"Although delinquency has grown less than in the most acute period of the crisis, there is still a significant increase in companies that are unable to pay their debts. The expectation is that, with the resumption of economic activity, the financial situation of the companies improves, reducing the delinquency ", evaluates the chief economist of SPC Brazil. Marcela Kawauti.

Regional data also shows that the delinquency between companies continues to grow in almost all regions of the country, although at lower rates than those observed at the peak of the crisis. In the annual comparison, that is, between April 2018 and the same month of the previous year, the volume of overdue debts of legal persons increased by 7.14%. In the southeast, the advance of 14.38% was well above the national average. In the sequence, the south regions showed an advance of 3.10% in the same comparison base, Midwest (1.34%), North (1.09%) and Northeast (0.70%).

Services sector leads to increased delinquency; On average each debtor company has two registered debts

The data of the indicator still show that services was the creditor sector that recorded the highest growth of delinquency, showing a variation of 8.76%. Next comes the industry (7.28%) and trade (2.91%). In terms of total debt participation, the service branch also leads, in return for 69.61% of overdue debts. Second is trade (16.97%), accompanied by industry (12.41%). On average, each defaulting company has two debts registered in the Debtors ' bank.

Credit recovery rises 1.51% in accumulated 12 months and points to a more optimistic scenario

The number of companies that managed to recover credit in the accumulated one year presented a high of 1.51%. Between the months of November 2017 and March 2018 there were consecutive backdrops in the credit recovery of the companies, a framework that was reversed with the data of the last month. The high was pulled by the southeast region, where credit recovery increased 5.23% in the last 12 months. The Northeast also recorded growth of 0.38%. On the other hand, the other regions presented falls. The most pronounced was observed in the south (-4.61%), followed by the north (-2.40%) and Midwest (-1.75%).



The survey also points out that of the total number of companies that have left the register of debtors for payment, the majority (44.56%) operates in the trade sector. Other 41.61% are in the service sector and 9.81% are in the industry.


The company default indicator summarizes all the information available in the SPC Brazil (Credit protection Service) and Cndl (National Confederation of Shopkeepers) databases. The information available refers to the capitals and the interior of the 27 units of the Federation. 

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