Sales in Campina grande trade fall 40% due to downtime of truckers

The truckers ' strike lasts four days. They perform demonstrations in 25 states and the Federal District causing reflections nationwide.

In Campina Grande, the protests caused the reduction of at least 40% in the collective transport fleet, the interruption of alternative transport drivers and by application, as well as the lack of fuel in the gas stations.

The result of this has been reflected in the trade. A statement made by the Communication Advisory Board of shopkeepers-CDL Campina Grande revealed that some stores already record a 40% drop in sales and that the consumer movement fell by half.

According to the president of the CDL, Artur Marbles, the cause of the truckers is fair, but people need to understand what really brings the country to the situation it is in.  "The point is that the causes that have truly led us to this situation are not fuels, but the fact that the country has a very high tax burden and this is not attacked. That is the privileges of the public and political sector, the welfare deficit and the high level of corruption. As long as we do not attack this issue we live in a country steeped in this difficult situation, "he said.

Fake News

The CDL Campina Grande communicates that it did not make any kind of guidance on the opening hours of the trade for this Thursday, May 24, 2018, due to the strike of truckers and crisis in the supply of fuels in the city. Each establishment can meet normally, within the usual time.

The announcement is due to a message of WhatsApp that is circulating, informing that the CDL would have manifested itself on the subject, guiding the trade to close early as a form of support for the shutdown.

The entity repudiates the action of people who insist on disseminating the so-called "fake news" to create a situation of disorder and leave the population panicking.

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