Corpus Christi is not a national or municipal holiday, the lawyer warns of CDL



The day of Corpus Christi, celebrated by the Catholic Church, is seen by many Brazilians as a national holiday. However, the lawyer of the House of shopkeepers – CDL Campina Grande, Andrezza Almeida, states that the date, celebrated next week, Thursday, 31, is not considered a holiday, unless state or municipal laws stipulates this.

In Paraíba there is no law that considers the date as a holiday. In Campina Grande, former mayor Venetian Vital do Rêgo had decreed, in the year 2009, the day as a municipal holiday.  But on August 31, 2016, the current mayor, Romero Rodrigues, revoked the law 4.775/09 and sanctioned the law N ° 6.498/2016, as presented below, and Corpus Christi Day became considered optional.

Law N ° 6,498 of 31 August 2016.


Art. 1st-It will be considered a municipal holiday in the city of Campina Grande on October 11th in commemoration of the day of all religions.

Sole paragraph: It will be celebrated with several ecumenical programs, with religious entities, and also in commemoration of the anniversary of the city of Campina Grande.

Art. 2nd-An optional point is established in the days allusive to Carnival, Ash Wednesday, the day of the public servant and the day of Corpus Christi, and the local public administration may decree several days, meeting the facultatives decreed by Federal and state public administration.

Art. 3o-cultural and religious holidays are considered, in accordance with ART. 2nd of the Federal Law n ° 9 093 of September 12, 1995: "(. • •)" III 11 October, Tribute to the foundation D Mpina Grande and day of respect to all religions, and the Government should promote cultural activities, religious sports alluding to the celebration.

Art. 4th-This law enters into force on the date of its publication.

Art. 5o-The provisions to the contrary are repealed.

Without knowing the existence of this law, many private companies end up granting their employees slack. This is a misunderstanding, since national holidays are expressly provided for in Law No. 10.607/2002.

The CDL warns that the worker who does not attend the service on this day is subject to punishments. If the employer waived his/her employees, he must pay for the fees and cannot discount the hours not worked. If the employee decides, on his own account, to miss work, he may suffer consequences.

Definition of holidays

The Law No. 10.607/2002 establishes that the national holidays are: January 1 (Universal fraternization – New Year); April 21 (Tiradentes); May 1 (Labor Day); September 7 (Independence of Brazil); October 12th (Our Lady of Aparecida); November 2 (final); November 15 (Proclamation of the Republic) and December 25 (Christmas).

 In addition to these dates, national holidays are considered the days of general elections in the country, according to the provisions of articles 28, 29 and 77 of the Federal Constitution of 1988 and article 380 of the Electoral Code (Law No. 4.737/65).


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