Cndl system Mobilizs in the National Congress to overthrow veto to the Refis project of the micro and small company

President of the Senate, Eunício Oliveira, received leaders and parliamentarians connected to the sector and assured its support to the law that guarantees the refinancing of the tax debts business framed in the regime of the national simple

The president of the Federal Senate, Eunício Oliveira, will defend the overtaking of the executive veto to the refinancing of tax debts (Refis) of micro and small enterprises. The senator received, on the afternoon of today (20), a group of parliamentarians and leaders connected to the micro and small Brazilian companies – among them, the president of Cndl, José César da Costa, presidents of the entities that make up the unecs and leaders of the CNDL system of all The country. The president of the parliamentary front of Micro and small business, deputy Jorginho Mello, and the CEO of Sebrae, Guilherme Afif Domingos, led the group.

Oliveira said that if there is no understanding until the next meeting of Congress (between 10:15 March), will work for the overtaking of the veto. "We all understand this need. I asked the President (Temer) to do the reversal, but he asked for some time. 17 Refis have already been approved in the last ten years, but when the micro and small entrepreneur's turn came, the matter was completely vetted, "the senator pointed out.

Earlier, the group met at a breakfast in the House of Deputies, in which dozens of parliamentarians expressed their support for the entities by the overtaking of the veto.  The president of Cndl reinforces the importance of the matter being voted on as soon as: "Currently, 95% of the companies associated with the Cndl system are in the single national headquarters. The government needs to look after them, who are responsible for the livelihood of thousands of Brazilian families, "Costa said.

The president of Unecs, Paulo Solmucci Júnior, recalled that the refinancing of tax debts is a necessary compensation for the serious economic crisis of which Brazil is leaving. "The micro and small businessman when he stops paying taxes is to survive. Even so, we created 300,000 jobs in a year that the averages and the big ones fired. Refis is necessary to keep the entrepreneur in formality, "he said.

The role of the small business owner in the municipalities was remembered by the vice president of Cndl, Ivan Tauffer. "The microentrepreneur has to have a special condition. The small is the one who sprays the job and the income in his municipality, "he noted.

The important role of generating jobs – in 2017, were 300,000 new jobs generated in the companies of Simples, while in the medium and large the result was negative – was also praised by the President of the Brazilian service of support to Micro and small Company (Sebrae), Guilherme Afif. He was quite applaudon in his speech during breakfast. "The government is calculating losses around interest and fines, but it must be said that the interest is from loan-sharking and confiscation fines. If you do not pass the veto, you create a condition that companies are excluded from the simple, become delinquent and are the ones that are currently holding jobs, "he said.

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