New rules for debt installment of micro and small businesses are approved by the Board of

The complementary bill (PLP) 171/15, which deals with the new rules for the installment of debts of micro and small companies in the single national, was approved by the House of Deputies on Wednesday (06). The project authored by Deputy Geraldo Resende now goes to the Federal Senate.

Approved in the form of the substitutive of Mr Otavio Leite (PSDB-RJ), the text guarantees the installment of debts with the special regime of taxation expired until the competence of November 2017. Through the special program of tax regularization of small businesses and companies (Pert-SN), the debtor companies will have to pay 5% of the consolidated debt value, without reductions, in up to five monthly and successive installments.

The remainder may be parcelled with discounts of 100% of legal charges and attorneys ' fees as follows: – in full, with a r
eduction of 90% of interest on arrears and 70% of fines; – in installments in
145 months, with a reduction of 80% of interest on arrears and 50% of Fines or – in insta
llments in 175 months, with a reduction of 50% of interest on arrears and 25% of fines.

The minimum value of the benefits will be R $300.00, except for individual micro-entrepreneurs (MEI), whose value will be stipulated by the Simple National Management Board (CGSN).

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Interested parties may accede to installments up to 90 days after the date of publication of the future supplementary law. The request will entail the withdrawal of previous installments.

Monthly instalments will be added to the Selic rate and 1% for the month of payment.

According to Mr Leite, the text will allow about 600,000 delinquent companies to remain in the simple national. He said it is fair to extend to micro and small enterprises the same conditions of refinancing debts granted to other legal persons, subject to a previously approved Refis.

Source: Camera News

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