Entrepreneurs cry for more security in the Campina Grande trade

Violence is a serious social problem that scares the population of large, medium and small cities. Living with fear has become routine and citizens are being forced to live with crime, if incarcerating, fearing to be the next victims.

And the bandit that terrifies so much in the neighborhoods has now provoked dread in the center of Campina Grande. In the last months, cases of forced entry and even explosion of ATM in the central grid caused serious inconvenience not only to small entrepreneurs, but also to all trade, because, as the crimes intensify the consumers feel Terrified and prefer to stop attending stores.

And the results, unfortunately, reflect in the economy of the city in general. Not by chance Campina Grande lost more than 1500 formal jobs throughout the year. The retail sector closed more than one hundred jobs only in the last quarter, coincidentally when cases of forced entry into stores became more frequent.

 Given the recommendation of the public officials themselves, entrepreneurs have much invested in private security, monitoring system and so many other tools, but the results are not satisfactory. Then, the CDL only remains, once again, to address those responsible for public security in the state of Paraíba and in the municipality of Campina Grande and ask for the intensification of the fight against crime. The situation is already unbearable and the citizens of good can't take it anymore to live hostage to fear.

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