Decree authorizes the operation of supermarkets on Sundays and holidays


Supermarkets are now legally allowed to work on Sundays and public holidays as well. On Wednesday (16), the President of the Republic, Michel Temer, signed a decree that gives supermarkets the condition of "essential activity", as well as pharmacies, restaurants, retail trade, transport services and establishments of Teaching, for example.

"The opening of supermarkets on Sundays and holidays is also contemed by the modernization of labor, enabling the new modalities of hiring. But this change does not only favor supermarkets and workers, it is also good for Brazilians who will be able to do their shopping these days, "said Temer.

According to the President of Cndl and coordinator of Unecs, Honório Pinheiro, the entrepreneur will have the freedom to open their stores on Sundays and the change also has the potential to generate new jobs.

"It is a measure that brings important advances. First, it improves efficiency by reducing transaction costs and negotiating costs with employees and employees.  Secondly, because it reduces legal and labor risks by simplifying the mobilization of labor on weekends and holidays "he evaluated Pinheiro.

The president of the Brazilian Supermarket Association (ABRAS), João Sanzovo, stressed that the recognition of the sector as an essential activity is an old demand. "This sector has always been essential, from its origins with markets and warehouses, with the sale of wet dry. Since then, supermarkets have undergone several transformations, but the legislation did not accompany this evolution, "Sanzovo recalled.

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