CDL Woman participates in event that values female entrepreneurship

Campina Grande receives on 14, 15 and 16 July at Zazen Cowork Space, the special edition Startup Weekend Women (swwomen). Event has the support of the nucleus of entrepreneurial women of the CDL and was thought to stimulate women's entrepreneurship in innovative ideas and projects in the startup model.


The proposal of startup Weekend Women is to offer strategies for building a startup from scratch in just 54 hours. According to the manager of the STARTPB project of Sebrae Paraíba, Danyele Raposo, who will be one of the sworn at the event, the initiative is important for creating a favorable environment for innovative businesses created by women. "In Paraíba, Sebrae is open to disseminating the startup culture and collaborating with ideas and projects with a high degree of innovation. The Startup Weekend Women offers one more effort to this action, "he said.

Swwomen format

During the event, participants will have the opportunity to share ideas, form teams, build a business model, develop a prototype and perform a presentation to an evaluative bankroll that can include investors. The purpose of the action is to bring together entrepreneurs who want to innovate. The format of Swwomen is the same used in 135 countries and has launched several successful startups such as the Easy Taxi application in Rio de Janeiro.

Male participation

Male participation is possible, but the rule of swwomen is that 75% of participants, mentors and organisers are women.

Project embraced by volunteers

The swwomen is made by volunteers and has the presence of mentors with expertise in various areas. In Paraíba, Swwomen has support for all the support of CDL Mulher and Sebrae Paraíba.

The jury will consist of people connected to the entities that support the event. The Vice-president of CDL Campina Grande, Rosália Lucas, was invited to compose the jury that will elect the three projects considered more innovative presented during the event.

About Swwomen


 The goal of TechStars, organizing the global event, is to expand the achievement of the event with a focus on women in all regions of Brazil. "Our mission is to teach and promote entrepreneurship in local communities, however, the public of startupweekend is 70% male. With the Women project, our goal is to increase female participation and equate numbers, "explained Preta Emmeline, Regional Manager of Techstar, a global company that has, among its supporters, Google for Entrepreneurs and the kaufmannthe Foundation of Entrepreneurship.

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