Fgts withdrawals should generate credit recovery, SPC Brazil says

The cash withdrawal from inactive Fgts accounts should inject between 30 billion and 35 billion reais in the country's economy, which represents 0.5% of GDP. Of the 30.2 million workers who can perform the withdrawals, 80% have up to 1,500 reais in the accounts.

For the President of the Credit Protection Service (SPC Brazil), Roque Pellizzaro Junior, "the withdrawals will benefit mainly the citizens of classes C, D and E, who must use the amount for the most urgent needs." Based on recent research by SPC Brasil, it is estimated that about 50% of the money drawn by the employee is destined to pay debts, 30% to save and the remainder for other expenses.

"Access to inactive money from Fgts accounts is an important measure to inject a significant amount of money into the country's economy. This can help the citizen affected by the crisis to remedy their debts, clear the name and regain their credit, "says Pellizzaro. "By reducing delinquency the impact on the economy is positive, resulting in lower interest rates charged to the consumer," he concludes.

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