Hilton Motta – The entrepreneur Experience 

President CDL 2009-2014

The pursuit of success – this is how Hilton Motta, or affectionately known as Tito Motta, characterizes its management. "At the time, I sought to act on three fronts: increase the number of associates, continue the success of Liquida Campina and finally increase the sources of revenue of CDL," he says. Tito entered the business world by chance, since he came from a family of communicators – his father, Hilton Motta, was one of the most prominent communicators in Paraiba – having graduated in economics and law, coming to work as a university professor. "My wife at the time was a natural in Rio de Janeiro, and I met her as a master. When I came to Campina Grande to work at the Federal University, she came with me and asked me to put something for her to work and occupy her free time. ", he recalls.

Hilton Motta then decided to open in 1983 1 store in the old shopping Campina Grande, today shopping lindacy Medeiros. From there, without any experience in the business, he and his ex-wife began the activities that would give rise to the group that encompasses famous franchises such as Arezzo, Colcci, Calvin Klein, Toli, Mercatto, Sergio ´ S, Schultz, among others totaling 20 stores in Paraíba and In Pernambuco. "We were very inexperienced, even because I had no references, my family had no tradition in this sector. But it was thanks to this that I discovered my passion for commerce, which lasts until today, "he explains. 

Hilton's trajectory as President of the House of the shopkeepers of Campina Grande was marked by the construction of the CDL Foundation, which in its management has materied. Through the land donated by the city Hall of Campina Grande, through the then prefect Venetian Vital, began the construction project. "We had two years to complete everything, or we would lose the right on the ground. It was a great challenge, because we would have to get money for the works with our own resources. Our work during this period was all focused on the project, which was fully completed with only the resources of the CDL. " Declares.

 In its management, the entrepreneur expanded the digital certification services, which made the main organ cdl at the time to perform this service. Also in its management was implemented the IDEC, which was an indicator of sales and growth of the commerce of Campina Grande, measured monthly so that the CDL could monitor monthly growth in each sector. 

"It was a time of great learning, of work and especially of the feeling of duty fulfilled. I thank too much for the opportunity I had ahead of the CDL to contribute to the sector that I love the most that is trade. And today I am proud to be part of this story, of these 50 years alongside big names that lent their competence and vision of the future to the House of Shopkeepers ", concludes.


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