CDL issues a note to retailers

The Chamber of shopkeepers of Campina Grande clarifies to entrepreneurs and retailers of Campina Grande and region, which, due to the summary no 277 of the Superior Labor Tribunal, which establishes ultrativity of collective pacts, is with applicability Suspended by virtue of the preliminary ruling of the Supreme Court in the context of the breach of Fundamental precept No. 323; The collective convention of the retail trade of Campina Grande and region 2015-2016 no longer has any effect on the employment contracts agreed in retail stores within the scope of the aforementioned collective norm.

For this reason, entrepreneurs and retail companies are only obliged to respect what is available to CLT and other federal laws dealing with employment relationships, therefore, which are not obliged to comply with any right that is not contemed in the aforementioned Standards.

Therefore, they are obliged to comply with all the obligations contained in the Convention whose validity expired on 01 November 2016, among others:

1. Payment of 90% of the normal hour value for overtime worked, as well as 100% of the normal hour value for the third extra hour labored;

2. Food voucher;

3. Payment of the aid costs to employees who work on Sundays, as well as the gathering of the operational contribution Union;

4. Life insurance;

5. Penalty for breach of convention clauses;

Finally, we also point out that employers are obliged to observe the stabilities provided for in the Convention in question, only being required to comply with the stabilities arranged in the CLT and in federal law that treats the subject.

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