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Flyer game is a new word in the online gaming industry. Spribe introduced it in 2019 and it quickly became popular with gamers of pin-upaviator.in Casino Pin-Up Aviator. The main distinguishing features of the game are a very high-impact multiplayer game and maximum simplicity. The developers of the game named its genre – multiplayer fall.

The end result is a rising curve that can be broken at any time. This curve is “drawn” by a miniature airplane, hence the name Aviator. The break of the curve (crash) occurs at the moment the plane disappears from the screen. Before that, the coefficient is constantly increasing and the player’s task is to “collect” this coefficient before the plane disappears.

At first glance, it may seem that it is enough just to win here – it is enough to pick up the coefficient in the first seconds and repeat the procedure many times. In fact, this method is the simplest and most reliable (we’ll talk about it and other strategies in our review below). However, not all players have the patience to repeat the procedure dozens of times in a row. Many, on the other hand, prefer risk and large doses of adrenaline. Practice shows that such players often manage to win round sums.

Aviator game interface and controls

The playing field consists of three blocks:


  • the main one, which shows the growth process of the curve and the rate control panel;
  • the statistics block on the left, where you can see all the current and previous bets of the players;
  • the correct block of statistics with a chat, where information about the largest earnings is displayed.

Also, the right block can be collapsed by clicking on the cross in the upper right corner of the screen. In the statistics block on the left, there are tabs available to view all rates, only your own and the TOP of the last payments. On the main field in the center, the events of the game take place. On the screen, you can see a row with the odds of the previous rounds. Even higher on the right there is a tab with a description of the game, a window with a balance screen and a drop-down menu with sound and animation settings.


How to play Aviator

The control panel is located at the bottom of the central unit. Here you can choose the bet size, manual or auto play mode. When activating a car, buttons are added below to activate an auto-bet and an auto-withdraw. The main button used in the game is located in the center of the control panel. It changes color and works as follows:


  • green / rate;
  • red / cancel;
  • orange / cash withdrawal.

You can only cancel a bet before the start of the round. The cash withdrawal function is the main one for the player – the button with the coefficient counter displayed on it must be pressed until the plane disappears. Otherwise, the bet loses. As noted at the beginning of our review, a beginner can be stumped by this type of game. In order to understand all the nuances of the game, we strongly recommend that you first play the demo version of the Aviator game on the Pin-Up website. Click “withdraw money” immediately after the start of the round, and your chances of winning will be 100%.


However, not all players prefer to win 0.01% of the bet. Most players, on the contrary, try to “catch” the highest coefficient. Considering that the maximum odds are 1,000,000, you can see why these players prefer risk. Practice shows that both are lucky. This is natural, since the developers have set a very high RTP – 97%.


Airman Game Features

At the beginning of the review, we briefly noted the key features of the new game. Now let’s dwell on them in more detail. The high rate of return (RTP) is typical of many classic slot machines. In our case, it is 97% and it means that the game returns that percentage of the bets made by all the participants in the round. The second feature is the multiplayer gameplay. It is familiar to players of some live casino games.


Ease of use isn’t unique either. Many old-style slots feature equally simple gameplay. The uniqueness of the Aviator game, which really sets it apart from any other online gambling entertainment, lies in the use of Provably Fair technology. Its essence lies in the fact that the result of each round is not generated by the server, but by the players themselves. Another feature is the ability to activate a second control panel and place two bets at the same time.



Aviator strategy game


How many players, so many strategies. Experienced players are familiar with this rule. However, just like regular slots, Aviator uses some common winning tactics. Briefly about each of them (we immediately emphasize that the names were given by the authors of the review, since the players have not yet found them):


  • “The quieter you go, the further you will go.” This strategy has already been discussed above. It is necessary to take the coefficient in the first seconds. The gain is minimal, but there is practically no risk.
  • “Hunt for top speed.” The conclusion is to analyze the statistics of the rounds. If the odds above 99x fell no earlier than an hour, you can expect a replay with a high probability.
  • “Insurance”. This strategy is based on the use of two fields. In one, a high bet is placed and the winnings are made in the first few seconds. In the second, the size of the bet is chosen so that in the event of a loss, the payout of the first covers the loss. Naturally, in the second field, the game goes to the last.

There are other strategies that many players share on forums, blogs, and video hosting sites. Basically, each player can create their own tactics. Having a demo version on the pin-up platform allows you to test your own ideas without the risk of losing.

manufacturer information

Aviator is a pilot project and is still considered the best project of the young development company Spribe. This new brand in the gaming industry appeared in November 2018, and the game was presented in January 2019. The organizers of the company focused on a completely new direction in the game – P2P, that is, when players play with each other. and not with the program. It seems that they were not wrong, since Aviator regularly takes leading positions in the TOP and ratings of the best casinos such as 1Win and Pin-Up.


Spribe operates under a series of licenses issued by regulators in Malta, Gibraltar, the United Kingdom, Croatia, Sweden and other countries. In 2021, the company with offices in kyiv and Tallinn presented about 20 games. All of them are very popular, which is facilitated by high efficiency, effective design and the above-described feature – provably fair technology.


Similar games

The entire collection of Spribe games has many parameters in common. At the same time, at the time of writing this review (summer 2021), there were no analogues from other developers. The same technology and multiplayer format are common for the slots of this company. Mines, Dice, Plinko, Goal, Hotline, Fortune Wheel are the most popular games similar to Aviator, most of them are featured on the Pin-Up website.


Feedback from players about the game Aviator

The great interest in the slot machine contributes to a large number of reviews. On gaming blogs and forums, gamers often share their impressions of the game. Take a look at the typical reviews about the Aviator slot machine.


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