CDL calls for revocation of law that imposes a fine of R $240,000 for shopkeepers


Once again the trade is being bombarted by absurd laws of which we only find here. It was no longer enough that imposes the posting of posters alerting about sexual discrimination, under the penalty of paying about R $10000 fine for each merchant who does not expose the poster in a visible place of their establishment, or the other that requires the payment of R $ 0.03 for each invoice issued.

Now the merchants of the city of Campina Grande need to adapt to an even more bizarre norm. This is the Municipal Law No. 6.909/2016, authored by Councilman Alexandre do Syndicate, which obliges commercial establishments to use biodegradable or reusable bags for the packaging of products to consumers. Not that the cause isn't fair! That's not what's causing us concern. After all, we all have a full understanding of the need to preserve the environment and the effects that global warming can cause to the population.

However, what amazes us is the value of the fine applied to retailers who do not comply with the law. Amazingly! The minimum fine is almost R $240,000 (that is, 240,000 reais), which can reach almost half a million reais, for entrepreneurs who do not fit the planned determination. And yet: The text of the law does not make clear the size of companies that will need to obey this rule. That is, all traders, regardless of the size of the business, are "in the same boat". The measure, already in place, has caused concern among shopkeepers. It is that Procon began to notify the stores giving a minimum deadline for everyone to suit the law to begin to autuate the "offenders".  

We believe that the state and Municipal legislative powers are putting aside the dialogue with the business class before creating laws that, in some way, move with the sectors of the productive economy of our cities.

 We ask Mayor Romero Rodrigues sensitively so that, in some way, it interferes in the fulfillment of such an absurd norm and that so many losses will bring to the retail sector and instead of fine conduct educational campaigns alerting what benefits the Biodegradable bags will bring to the environment. Likewise, we ask our councilors to use common sense and revoke this law that only comes to bring more damage to a class that already carries so many taxes.


Chamber of Shopkeepers – CDL of Campina Grande









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