FCDL regrets lack of dialogue with the Government of the state

The Paraiba shopkeeper movement received with much indignation the words spoken by the State Government advisor (say unofficial spokesman) accusing CDL Campina Grande of defending tax evasion, when in fact what the entity seeks, as well as the Too many that are part of the Federation of CDL ´ S of Paraíba, is that Governor Ricardo Coutinho give up the collection of fines to retail entrepreneurs who, for some reason, cease to put the CPF number on the electronic consumer's Nota fiscal (NFC-e).

We feel struck by the leviian accusations of those who should understand that we advocate dialogue and good understanding between the public and private sectors. Instead, he sought to assault with words men and women of good who work honestly to bear the heavy tax burden, generate and maintain jobs even in the face of a moment of difficulty and economic uncertainties lived by Brazil and that has affected All productive sectors.

The fine is an abuse, as well as the charge of R $0.03 for each note issued in retail sales. As a result of the rampant increase in taxes by which the current government has opted for what will be is the product's enhancement, the decline in sales and revenues, causing unemployment. And it's no exaggeration! According to the general registry of employees and Unemployed (caged), of the Ministry of Labor, from January 2015 to March 2017, Paraíba closed 5,584 jobs only in the trade.

The population of Paraibana and the thousands of entrepreneurs that we represent from the coast to the Hinterbe need to know: Despite the countless attempts on our part, the governor of Paraíba does not receive the shopkeepers to dialogue. Its management decided to adopt an authoritarian regime and without space for the sectors that defend society.

The intention of the FCDL has always been to suggest suggestions aimed at the economic development of the State with measures that encourage the gathering of taxes without this weighing in the pockets of retail entrepreneurs. Perhaps if you had listened to us, you wouldn't be applying decrees as heavy as the ones above.

Even in the face of refusal, we will continue to try to debate these and so many other matters we defend. We believe that before the end of your mandate, the Governor will have time to talk to the business class.

Finally, we ask that the current advisors learn to respect an entity with more than 50 years of history of struggle in defense of the largest generators of employment and revenue in the state of Paraíba. Retail entrepreneurs.


Jose Lopes Neto


President of FCDL

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