Delinquency of the campinense consumer increases 8% in the first month of the year

The monthly survey that measures the delinquency in the Campina Grande trade, held by the House of Shopkeepers (CDL) in partnership with the Credit Protection Service (SPC Brazil), pointed out that the campinenses started the year owing more than last year. According to the Credit protection Agency, during the entire month of January, 1,147 consumers acquired some debt, 8% higher than in 2016 when 1,065 Campinenses entered the Debtors list. 

The explanation for the discharge of delinquency, according to the president of CDL, Artur Pellet, is the reflection of the increasing difficulties that the consumer is finding to honor his financial commitments. "Increase in taxes and fees (such as IPTU and IPVA), realignment of various administered prices (electricity, urban transport, water and sewage and fuels), increases in interest rates and weakening of the labour market are among the causes that Begin to outline a more worrying scenario for the consumer defaults, "he said. 

Non-bank debts remain the biggest responsible for the discharge of delinquency. These debts correspond to credit cards, financial, general stores and service providers such as telephony and supply of electricity and water, among others. 

Currently more than 6000 campinense consumers are with some debt in the register of debtors of SPC Brazil. Worrying number for retail, because the more negated consumers less is the movement and sales in the trade.


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