Valéria Barreto Valença – the fiber and claw of a great woman

President CDL 2000-2004

Valéria Valença is a native of São Paulo, but came to Campina Grande still in the first years of life. His father Manoel Valença was the first to bring an airline to Campina Grande, and Valéria went to work with him shortly after graduating in business administration. He spent 22 years working with Varig until he opened his own company, Aerovias Turismo. At this time he received the first invitation to participate in the CDL: "It was Mr. Carlos Noujaim Habib who made me the invitation, at the time Zouraide Silveira was the president. At first I did not accept for being very young and had other plans and objectives. After some time I ended up accepting. I spent two management as a director until I was invited to succeed Zouraide as president. Once again I resisted, yet I faced the challenge and accepted, "he says.

Ahead of CDL Valéria tells that she worked mainly to modernize and further elevate the status of the camera as an active and increasingly useful entity to the shopkeeper. He continued the modification of SPC, which had begun in the management of Zouraide. "The SPC service that previously functioned manually and was local, people did not believe in the SPC service because it was a database with local information, and only wanted to use Serasa's services for this reason. So we need some time to gather all this information from the CdLS from all over Brazil, to a single central database, centralizing all the information. Since then, SPC Brazil has emerged, with information from everywhere in the country ", explains Valéria. 

According to the former president, it was a complicated period, because the adaptation was somewhat troubled, generating some setbacks. To circumvent them, Valéria had the idea of creating incentive campaigns, as well as events to strengthen relations among entrepreneurs: "We created several campaigns such as Christmas, the Junina campaign, the business lunch that added great value, gathering the Entrepreneurs so that they could exchange knowledge, know and also companies. He also brought lectures of great national names, as well as teams from the University of Rio de Janeiro, who gave postgraduate courses, as well as lectures and exchange experience and knowledge. ", he says.

In one of the many conventions of lojsitas in Brazil that Valéria always honored, she met the Liquida, through Bernardo Farias who was the creator of the event in the various cities where it had happened. "All were surprised when I invited Bernardo to come here. First because only cities with CDL ´ S of greater structure had carried out the Liquida, all capitals. Second, because the cost of the campaign was high and we didn't have enough money to accomplish it. But we needed an event like this, something that impacted and gave a new breath to retail. I had to go to the fight in search of the resources needed for realization, even with everyone thinking that it would not be possible, "he says.

Liquida Campina was a milestone in the management of Valéria, because thanks to the campaign, the CDL began to have much more visibility. "Today we are entering the fifteenth edition, the Liquida Campina is a great success, today our version is one of the most successful in all of Brazil, and for me it is a great pride to have been in my management that the initial kick of this great success was given. For any manager, there is no greater reward, "closes. 


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