Olacy Cavalcanti-the honesty as flag

Olacy Cavalcanti began working in the trade at the age of 15, along with his father, Olavo Cavalcanti de Albuquerque. Olavo, who is a natural of João Pessoa came to Campina Grande in 1944 attracted by the economic potential that the city already carried the DNA of grandiosity. Olavo founded his company, and here he constituted a family. Olacy with time took over, along with his brother, the administration of the family business becoming one of the most prominent traders in the city. Ahead of Olacanti took on 1978 the presidency of the CDL, following the tradition initiated by his father who founded along with Ademar Borges the entity in Campina Grande. His management was marked by major events, as he himself reports: "When I took over, the headquarters of the CDL had been bought and part of the debt was still active. One of my management commitments was to liquidate this debt, and so I did. ", recalls the entrepreneur.

Olacy also held many incentive campaigns to trade, such as the arrival of Santa Claus, which was one of the most striking, as he himself explains: "We went to fetch in caravan the Santa Claus who arrived at the airport of Campina Grande and we took him to the center, reunited Thousands of people. It was a great success, "he concludes.

For Olacy, CDL is one of the most important entities in the city, and together with the commercial association represent important tools for the development of trade and the economy as a whole. In these 50 years much has been worked for the shopkeeper movement in the city to face with mastery the difficult moments in the various crises that the country has crossed. "I often say that crying comes at night, but joy comes in the morning. We go through complicated periods, but we do not slaughter, we work hard to overcome each of these challenges. And I'm glad they had these crises, because only then could we develop new strategies to keep following, growing as businessmen and as people. 

As a motto of life, Olacy follows to the letter what he learned from his father: to be honest above all, to be righteous and to work always having as a flag the truth. "My father always said: Be truthful and honest with your customers, because they are the great patrimony of any company. The most important at the end of the day is to put your head on the pillow with tranquility and clean conscience, is the great wealth a man can have, "he concludes. 


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